Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty also known as Tummy Tuck, is a procedure to remove excess skin folds and fatty tissues from the mid and lower abdominal areas and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. A Tummy Tuck can give you a flatter, firmer stomach and significantly decrease the protruding abdomen look. For best results, this cosmetic operation is frequently combined with liposuction at EsteStandard.


In today’s body-conscious world, we pay more attention to our size and shape. We strive to control any physical changes through exercise and diets. Certain parts of our bodies can become stubbornly resistant to any changes, and in some people, localized fat deposits in the abdominal region combined with muscular laxity can make achieving a ‘flat belly’ very difficult.

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Candidates

You are an excellent candidate for this treatment if you have excess tissue, persistent abdominal fat, sagging or loose abdominal skin, or impaired abdominal muscles. Good candidates for a Tummy Tuck are nonsmokers with a steady weight. Before having a tummy tuck, candidates should be close to the weight they want to be.  A tummy tuck is not meant to be used to help people lose weight. It is a treatment option for people whose fat deposits do not react to diet or exercise. Candidates that live a healthy, active lifestyle will benefit from their Tummy Tuck for many years!

Candidates should not have any pre-existing conditions that may interfere with their body’s capacity to heal after surgery. If you have any questions about the operation or recovery process, you can speak with our doctor during your private consultation. A Tummy Tuck is a fantastic procedure for both men and women who want to uncover the beauty of their bodies. If the appearance of your tummy affects your confidence in your body, you might be a good candidate for the self-affirming results we get with Tummy Tuck.


What Awaits Me If I Get Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The length of this procedure might range from one to five hours, based on the results you desire. Typically, surgery is performed as an outpatient operation. You will be required to spend the night at a hotel, which will be arranged by EsteStandard Istanbul. If you need to travel from town to a facility to have the operation done, it may or may not be advised to get liposuction concurrently. 

You’ll undergo general anesthesia. It’s crucial to have a designated driver with you so you can get home. You will also require someone to stay with you for at least the first night following surgery. If you travel alone, EsteStandard Istanbul will arrange for one of our educated partners to accompany you if needed. 



Tummy Tuck Operation Methods

There are three types of tummy tuck operations. Complete abdominoplasty, mini-abdominoplasty, and circumferential abdominoplasty. You can find explanations of these operations as

First: For individuals who require the most correction, a complete abdominoplasty is a choice. The bikini line is where the incision (cut) is done, roughly at the same level as your pubic hair. The quantity of excess skin affects how big the scar will be. The skin and muscle will then shape by your surgeon (Mr. Alp) as necessary. Because it’s important to separate your belly from the surrounding tissue for this treatment, you will also have an incision around your belly button. You may or may not have drainage tubes inserted beneath your skin. In a few days, they will be taken out as your surgeon gives permission. 

Second: Mini abdominoplasties use smaller incisions and are frequently done on patients with less extra skin. Most likely, there is no need to move your belly button. The skin between the incision line and your belly button will be separated. Usually, this process takes between one and two hours. After the operation, you could or might not have drainage tubes, just like with a full abdominoplasty.


Third: A circumferential abdominoplasty involves the back as well. Either circumferential abdominoplasty or back liposuction may be used when there is a lot of extra fat in both the back and the abdomen. The second operation enhances the form of your body from all angles by removing skin and fat from the hip and back regions.


Advantages of Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Saggy, Loose Abdominal Skin: Skin might stretch as a result of childbearing or losing weight. The removal of the excess, hanging skin can boost patients’ mobility and self-confidence via Tummy Tuck operation. 

Excess Tissue and Excess Fat: A physique that is generally toned and fit can be hidden by stubborn belly fat. This tissue and fat can be removed with a tummy tuck operation to uncover the healthy body underneath.

Muscle Weakness or Damage: In many cases, a tummy tuck helps patients regain control of their abdomen by tightening and repairing their abdominal muscles. This improved muscular function will complement the surgical benefits and increase the patient’s overall physical strength and mobility.

Overall Body Shape: Tummy Tuck operation can restore your confidence with your appearance. The patient’s abdominal look will be tightened and contoured after a tummy tuck. After having a tummy tuck, patients adore how well they fit into clothes!

Results After Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


The degree of a patient’s cosmetic treatment, including the number of operations they choose to have done in one session and where on their body they had their work done, will determine how much recovery time they need after a Tummy Tuck. Following their Tummy Tuck, most patients will prefer to take one to two weeks off work to recover. During the first week of recovery, patients are recommended to periodically go for brief walks to promote better circulation. Otherwise, during this early phase of healing, patients are advised to rest as much as possible.

Each patient will receive detailed guidance for recovery. To achieve their best results, patients are strongly recommended to adhere to their doctor’s advice. During the initial weeks of rehabilitation, patients will be given a compression garment to wear, which will aid to minimize any bruising and swelling. The compression garment is a fantastic tool for encouraging the body to accept its new shape. Patients will be given guidelines for their care if they are given drains.


Patients may notice that their belly becomes flatter and more sculpted as post-procedure bruising and swelling subside. Within six weeks of their Tummy Tuck, patients will have a general idea of the outcomes they may expect, but these results will continue to advance in the following months. The skin, fat, or tissue that is causing a protruding, sagging, or unattractive abdominal appearance will be removed during your tummy tuck. Our Tummy Tuck results are masterfully sculpted: your body shape will be what appears both appealing and natural to your body.

Planning Your Tummy Tuck Operation

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