Rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the bone and cartilage to improve the appearance and the function of the nose. The operation is also known as Nose Job, we carry out all the rhinoplasty operations by the most well-known surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey. For Turkey’s leading consultancy, aftercare and results, get in touch today.


One of the most common facial cosmetic operations, rhinoplasty can define, contour, and restructure the nose. In addition to improving the patient’s overall facial attractiveness, rhinoplasty can help patients with breathing problems and the effects of trauma, like a broken nose. Rhinoplasty can create a more symmetrical and proportionate nose while improving both functionality and aesthetics of the nose.




At EsteStandard we provide the best cosmetic surgery and post-operative care by some of the greatest, most qualified medical professionals in Istanbul. You can take a look at the exceptional Rhinoplasty results in our Before-After Gallery. 

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Rhinoplasty Candidates

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose? Your nose will be reshaped through a rhinoplasty operation to balance your facial features and attract focus to your eyes. Patients who have breathing problems due to their nose are suitable candidates for a rhinoplasty, the operation can help them improve their ability to breathe. The rhinoplasty candidate should be healthy enough to have the procedure and should not have any condition that may prevent his/her body from recovering after the surgery.

Smokers will be asked to stop at least three weeks before the surgery date. Rhinoplasty is a great option for patients who are open and have realistic expectations for the outcomes that may be attainable with a cosmetic or medical operation. 

We invite candidates who are considering Rhinoplasty Surgery in Istanbul to contact EsteStandard and learn what Rhinoplasty Surgery can do for them.

Rhinoplasty Methods


There are two types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery as open and closed surgical methods. Which type of surgery to choose depends on factors such as nose tissue and the purpose of the operation.


A closed surgery is performed with the incisions made through the nostrils. The surgeon will reshape the bone, cartilage and tissue to achieve the desired look. The operation does not leave any external traces.


An open Rhinoplasty is performed with incisions made through the nostrils in the columella. Then the nose skin is lifted up in order to have clear access to the bone and cartilage. Our surgeon will masterfully shape the cartilage, bone, and tissue in a form that will enhance the patient’s overall appearance and breathing function.

The incisions will be placed in a way that will hide any scarring. Generally, open surgery is used to perform revision rhinoplasty.



Recovery After Rhinoplasty

You will be given thorough guidelines to ensure a comfortable recovery from your rhinoplasty procedure. Before their operation day, patients must take any necessary prescriptions. Anti-inflammatory and Non-steroidal drugs such as Ibuprofen shouldn’t be taken while you’re recovering. They can worsen swelling after surgery and prevent the blood from clotting.


After the surgery, patients won’t be able to drive themselves home. To make sure you arrive at the hotel safely, we arrange your transfer to the hotel.


Incisions will need time to heal, so taking a few weeks off work is highly suggested.

For the first week after your recovery process, you must wear a nose splint. In some situations, the swelling in and around the nose may not go away completely for several months.

After three to four months, patients can resume more demanding exercise.



After a Rhinoplasty operation, you will love how your nose feels and looks. The changes in your nose will get better as the bruises and swelling decrease after the operation. Results will be remarkable within the first two weeks following the surgery. 

Your face will look more attractive and balanced; your natural features will be complemented by the shape and position of your nose. After rhinoplasty, you will be able to breathe more easily and feel more confident about your appearance. After rhinoplasty, the nose’s position and shape will continue to improve for up to a year. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. A rhinoplasty will significantly enhance your appearance. You will be amazed at how you feel and look. 


Results are long-term!

Planning Your Rhinoplasty Operation

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