Liposuction (Fat Removal)


Liposuction (Fat Removal)

The procedure of liposuction treatment usually referred to as “Lipo,” is used to get rid of excess body fat. By eliminating excess fat, the operation slims and reshapes the affected regions of your body, enhancing your outlines for a proportionate frame and more appealing sculpt. Liposuction has become one of the most often used cosmetic operations in the world because of its outstanding and self-confidence-boosting outcomes.

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Liposuction (Fat Removal) Candidates

Men and women who still have stubborn fat on their bodies after diet and exercise have failed to provide the desired outcomes are good candidates for a liposuction procedure. If you smoke, you must stop three weeks before the surgery since smoking can decrease your body’s capacity for effective recovery. Personalized instructions that should be followed prior to receiving the operation will be given by the doctor during your appointment. Also, it is critical to understand that this method is not a replacement for weight loss.


If you are planning to have liposuction surgery, you should be healthy and close to your target weight. This technique is best used to treat moderate amounts of resistant localized fat on the body rather than severe cases of excess fat. Don’t worry if you are still unsure of which level of liposuction is right for you; this will be thoroughly discussed at your appointment, considering both the starting point of your body’s current state and the desired result.

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Upper arms
  • Male breasts

Benefits of Liposuction

Some of the most sought-after benefits of the liposuction procedure are: 

-Better body lines and more attractive look

-Better health as a result of fat loss 

-Better health due to fat loss

-Reduced excess sweating

-Improved confidence

Whereas liposuction is typically performed for cosmetic reasons, it is occasionally used to treat certain problems. These includes:


Lymphedema: is a chronic or long-term disorder in which extra lymph fluid accumulates in tissues, resulting in swelling or edema. Edema usually affects the arms or legs. Swelling, irritation, and pain can occasionally be lessened with liposuction.


Gynecomastia: Fat can occasionally build up underneath a man’s breasts.

Lipodystrophy syndrome: Loss of fat in one part of the body with accumulation in another. By delivering a more natural-looking body fat distribution, liposuction can enhance the patient’s attractiveness.

Extreme weight loss following obesity: A morbidly obese individual who loses at least 40% of their BMI may receive surgery to get rid of extra skin and other abnormalities.

Lipomas: are fatty tumors that are benign.

Recovery After Liposuction


You will be observed by the medical staff in the recovery room for a few hours before being allowed to leave for home. In order to speed up your recovery and ensure the best outcomes, you will be provided a list of recovery instructions throughout this period.


You will be given a prescription for painkillers before leaving the hospital to aid with any discomfort you may experience while recovering. You should avoid working or other normal activities for at least two to three days following the procedure to give your body time to recover from the operation and begin to heal properly.  After your liposuction procedure, you could occasionally feel a little uncomfortable for up to a week.


Last but not least, we advise post-surgery patients to take short walks starting from the night of their procedure to improve circulation and lower the chance of blood clots forming.  Even though there are some minor scars that remain after the operation, they are barely noticeable and will gradually disappear with time.


Although results are visible right away, they will continue to get better over the following three to four months. This operation does not stop fat from coming back, so we advise continuing a balanced diet and exercise routine in order to preserve and enhance your results over time.



After liposuction, swelling often goes away within a few weeks. The treated region should appear less bulky after the procedure. Additionally, you can expect the treated region to become slimmer after a few months.


While it’s normal for skin to lose some firmness as we age, liposuction results often remain as long as you keep your weight stable. Your fat distribution may vary if you regain weight following liposuction. For instance, regardless of the areas that were initially treated, you can continue to put on weight around your belly or gluts.



Planning Your Liposuction Operation

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