Hair Transplant


The amount of graft varies individually. Each case is unique in terms of graft quantity, so it varies in each case.


We determine the hairline by taking into account genetic factors, past photographs, ethnicity and forehead muscle structure.


Approximately 60-70% of the transplanted hair will fall out within a month and will start to grow from the 3rd month. It may take 6 to 12 months to see the best results.


It is not recommended to dye the hair for at least 6 months in the postoperative period. Chemicals in hair dye can negatively affect hair growth.


Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthetics. Patient will not feel any pain during the procedure with local anesthetics. Post-procedure pain is reported to be as low as 2%. Patient can prevent pain by taking painkillers.


The hair transplant operation takes an average of 6 to 8 hours. The procedure varies according to the technique used and the number of grafts.

It not expected to see any serious problems after the hair transplant operation. Even though, in any case you can contact us when ever you want, 24/7!

We request some tests such as HIV, HBsAg and Hemogram (CT) before the hair transplant operation.

If you had hair transplantation from someone else, your body would reject it without immune-suppressing drugs. Only you can be your own donor for hair transplant. In other case, you should use heavy drugs to keep hairs and it is not certain whether it will work or not.


With the FUE and DHI technique, 90-95% success can be achieved in hair transplant. You can maximize permanence by following the doctor’s recommendations and protecting your hair after hair transplantation.

We do not recommend to shave with a trimmer at least for 20 days, and 30 days for razor.

You can safely have a hair cut without damaging your transplanted hair after about 3 Weeks. However, we recommend you to consult your doctor before having a hair cut to ensure that your head is healing properly.

The only thing is that you should avoid any direct contact with the transplanted area for only 3 days.

You will usually only need to rest for a few days after the procedure. Let your body heal and enjoy life.

Avoid any heavy sports and take a break from the gym, and any sexual activity for ten days.

Avoid any heavy sports (such as  basketball, football, fitness, and lifting). Direct contact to the transplanted area can damage to the transplanted area and transplanted hair can be negatively affected by high blood pressure. Therefore, our advice is to stay away from sports for 2 weeks.

If there is enough harvestable graft in the donor area (the sides and back of the head), you can have multiple hair transplants.

It is one of the complications of redness after FUE or DHI hair transplantation. It should not last long, in most cases it shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 days. However, sometimes a pinkish discoloration may last for several weeks after FUE or DHI hair transplantation.

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