Face and Neck Lift


Face and Neck Lift

As people age, the stresses of daily life, exposure to the sun, and gravity’s effects start to show on our faces. Deep wrinkles occur between the nose and the mouth; the jawline becomes slack and jowly; and wrinkles, loose skin, and fat deposits form around the neck.

A facelift is a surgical operation used to minimize the most obvious indicators of aging by removing excess fat, tightening the muscles in the face and neck, and removing unwanted saggy skin. Facelift is usually performed in tandem with eyelid, forehead, or other surgery. During a consultation at EsteStandard, our doctor will determine the type of facelift surgery that will work best for you.

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Facelift is often preferred by both adult men and women.  This operation is frequently performed on patients in their 50s and older, however micro facelifts and neck lifts to repair sagging jowls are frequently performed on individuals in their 30s or younger. A consultation at EsteStandard is the best way to know if a facelift is a right option for you.

Our doctor will be able to decide if this operation is the right course of action for you after a private appointment. He will examine your face and neck to check your skin’s elasticity and make sure it is fit for surgery. The doctor will also inquire about your current medications and general health to make sure you are in good physical and mental health to have the surgery.  During your appointment, you will have the chance to discuss your concerns and the goals you have for a facelift. Our doctor will carefully listen to your needs, and together you will come up with a treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals. You can check our Facelift Before and After gallery to have a good idea of what to expect from this procedure. Our surgeon will go over the details of the procedure, any possible risks, and the recovery time. The doctor will schedule your surgery and provide you instructions on how to get ready for the procedure.

Recovery After Face and Neck Lift


Your face will be sore and swollen after the operation. The use of painkillers will ease your discomfort and help you to rest. Your eyes may be puffy for the first couple of days following the procedure; an ice pack will help minimize that swelling. To help drain excess fluids, tiny tubes may be inserted underneath the incisions. Our medical team will show you how to empty the containers to which the tubes are attached. These drains are generally removed within a few days.

The doctor will check your healing progress and clean and re-bandage your incision areas at your follow-up sessions. After a few days, the doctor will remove the stitches, and he will let you know when you can resume normal activities.


You’ll see an improvement in your appearance right away. As the swelling goes down and your face gets used to its new form, the results will get better. The best method to maintain your results is to keep a steady weight, engage in regular exercise, and have a balanced diet.

It will take several months for full results to appear, but you will be able to return to work within seven to ten days. Your healing period will be longer if you have a physically demanding work.

Planning Your Face and Neck Lift Operation

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