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Cosmetic treatment for hair loss

Cosmetic Treatment and PRP Injections for Hair Loss

PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma.” PRP therapy is a cosmetic treatment where unique growth factors and proteins are extracted from the blood and then re-injected to the skin for rejuvenating scalp and for stimulating hair growth in thinning areas. 

Two-thirds of all men will be eventually affected by male pattern baldness. For some men, hair loss can be a very frightening experience and negatively affects their psychology. PRP hair treatment is suitable for anyone looking to combat hair loss without surgery or medications that may have negative side effects. 

Studies on Platelet Rich Plasma and the use of PRP injections for hair loss is relatively new to the world of dermatology. Clinical trials have been conducted for several years and they suggest that PRP therapy is effective with different growth factors. For this reason, as EsteStandard we apply additional PRP treatment after hair transplantation.

Who Can Benefit from the Cosmetic Treatments like PRP?

Anyone experiencing hair thinning or hair loss is suitable for PRP treatments. Even though, some people with platelet disorders or those who taking drugs that inhibit platelet function may not be suitable for PRP Treatment.


If you have some other medical conditions, such as an active infection of the scalp, uncontrolled diabetes, or severe anemia, this may disqualify you for PRP treatment. Especially, men who are in the early stage of hair loss tend to respond better to PRP hair treatment. Sooner you start treatment, better for the outcomePeople who takes early action with PRP Therapy will have a higher chance of stopping hair loss progress.


Last but not least, we apply PRP treatment after the hair transplant to increase the success of the operation and accelerate the healing process

How Is PRP Treatment Done?

PRP Treatments are done in three steps:

  1. The required amount of blood will be taken from your body for PRP treatment.
  2. The blood will be placed into centrifuge machine to break it down into three layers: plasma rich in platelets, platelet-poor plasma, and erythrocytes (aka red blood cells). The PRP will be used, and the rest will be discarded.
  3. PRP is then will be re-injected into your scalp with a syringe (Local Anesthetic can be used according to patient demand).

Are There Side Effects in Cosmetic Treatments like PRP for Hair Loss?

There is no risk of allergy or rejection in PRP treatment. Because PRP is derived from your own body and made from your own bloodAs with any treatment that involves injections, there is a small risk of side effects such as bruising and swelling at the injection site. These are minor side effects that will go away within a few days and very unlikely to occur.

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