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Cosmetic Treatments

Our Approach to Hair Growth

Cosmetic Treatments are a non-surgical medicine treatments that is usually applied for the healing of various diseases. Being painless and minimally invasive treatment, it is widely used for enhancing new hair growth.

Growth Starts Here

EsteStandard in Istanbul is on a mission to make hair loss a thing of the past by providing the most innovative treatment options for hair growth.

Let's make a plan

Let's make a plan

During your initial consultation, your patient advisor will understand your hair goals, answer your questions, and evaluate your scalp to explore whether a hair restoration procedure (also known as hair transplants) is right for you.

How it works

How it works

Cosmetic Treatments are applied for thinning hair, especially as a result of androgenetic alopecia, mostly known as male pattern hair loss. They help to prevent hair loss and to strengthen weak hair. Cosmetic Treatments may also be applied after hair transplantation performed at EsteStandard to enhance the hair transplantation results.

What you should expect

What you should expect

Men and women who are experiencing hair loss or have thinned hair are good candidates for PRP hair therapy. The treatment is applied in various sessions. It can be applied every 2-3 months for one year, depending on the preference and needs of the patients. Or, in the case of international hair transplant recipients, it can be used a single time to stimulate growth in the newly transplanted follicles. These patients are encouraged to continue PRP treatment in their home countries.

The EsteStandatf Difference


Personalized care and results

Your EsteStandard Hair Transplant physician will partner with you to define and attain your desired hair look.

Our Standards

Be confident in the treatment plan and your doctor’s abilities, because we meet the highest standards, EsteStandard.

Patient Centricity

Get the answers and assurance you deserve with accuracy you can trust. We’re committed to delivering compassionate healthcare​

Our Mission

We are dedicated to life, and you.

We are dedicated on helping others feel and live better.


EsteStandard is on a mission to make hair loss a thing of the past by providing the most innovative treatment options for hair growth.


It’s all about how we treat you.

Each of our patients can rely on an individual approach and high quality services at good prices. After a complex diagnostics, our specialists prepare a treatment schedule according to each patient` s desires and abilities.