Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction

Breast reduction also known as reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the breasts’ size, volume, form, and weight.


In addition to resulting in poor posture, heavy breasts can also make it harder to breathe and cause back neck, and shoulder pain. By lowering the glandular tissue and breast fat to a more pleasant and comfortable degree, this procedure can significantly lessen the burden. For best results, this procedure is typically combined with a breast lift at EsteStandard.



EsteStandard provides exceptional cosmetic surgery and aftercare by some of the best and most qualified medical practitioners in Istanbul. Our breast reduction before and after photos prove our outstanding results.

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Breast Reduction Candidates

If you struggle with back pain and ill-fitting clothes, a breast reduction may be a great option for you. This surgery is a true life-changer for women with large, uncomfortable breasts or with an imbalanced chest. To learn if you are eligible for a breast reduction procedure, contact The Hamlet Clinic. We are here to help you get the body you want!

A breast reduction might be a perfect solution for you if you struggle with back pain and tight-fitting clothing. For women who have large, unpleasant breasts or an unbalanced chest, this surgery can truly transform their lives. Contact EsteStandard Clinic to find out if you qualify for a breast reduction treatment. We are here to assist you in achieving your ideal body!


Individuals are considered a good fit for the procedure if they meet all of the following criteria:


-A person with fully developed breasts

-Being in good physical and mental health

-Worried about the shape or size of at least one of their breasts, whether for comfort or cosmetic reasons

-Having realistic expectations about the surgery results 

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Asymmetry in the breasts can make some women unhappy with how they look or feel. The majority of women have slightly different breast sizes, but some have differences by half a cup or more. It might be challenging for some women to exercise or dress comfortably if their breasts are excessively huge.


In addition to removing any pain brought on by your breasts, mammaplasty surgery will enhance the symmetry and balance of your body. This process will enhance both your emotional wellbeing in addition to its physical advantages benefits. Many women experience an increase in self-confidence and become more comfortable with the curve and size of their bodies.

Breast Reduction Procedure

General anesthesia and sedation will be used during your breast reduction operation to make you safe as well as comfortable. For best outcomes, cuts will be performed according to predetermined patterns. To further reduce the size of your breasts, your doctor can perform liposuction to remove any excess fat.



The surgeon will insert drains and close the incisions after the desired volume has been reached. Drains will be used to prevent complications such as hematomas and to allow the breast pocket to close securely.


It can take two to five hours to complete a mammoplasty. The duration of  the procedure will depend on your physical condition and desired outcome. The combination of a breast reduction and breast lift is common among patients. Although combining these two procedures will lengthen your consultation, the effects will be outstanding.

Recovery After Breast Reduction

Your breasts will be tender and swollen in the postoperative period. Your breasts will be bandaged, and you’ll be brought to a recovery area where you’ll be watched until you wake up.


Avoid engaging in any intense activities that could bump or strain your incision areas. Prescribed drugs can be used to relieve any discomfort. A compression garment will reduce swelling and aid in the adjustment of your newly shaped breasts. Short walks will increase circulation and reduce swelling as well.


In your followup appointment, our staff will make sure you are recovering appropriately.  Follow-up consultations allow the personnel to clean incision sites and extract stitches and drains.



After a week, you should be able to go back to work, but you should continue to rest and avoid heavy activity until you are totally recovered. Each person’s body heals at a different rate. Your recovery time will be determined by various factors, including age and overall health. Most patients rest and recover at home for about a week. Just rest and keep yourself hydrated.

Results from Breast Reduction

The majority of patients have immediate improvement in their breast after surgery. It will take a few weeks for the swelling to go away, but as the puffy tissue goes down, you will start to see amazing results. After your breast has fully recovered, it will take a few months for your final results to appear.

All of our patients at EsteStandard should be able to continue to benefit from their cosmetic enhancements for many years to come. For this reason, we encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight steady. You can see some outstanding results in our Before-After Gallery!

Planning Your Breast Reduction Operation

Breast Reduction with EsteStandard is just a click away! Only a few steps and a few days to get your hair back!

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  • Come to Istanbul, meet your doctor and get ready for the operation that will change your life.

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