Breast Lift


Breast Lift

Mastopexy, commonly referred to as a “breast uplift, breast lift or breast lifting” is a surgical treatment that used to raise and reshape the breasts without changing their overall size. Mastopexy realigns the darker skin that surrounds the nipple and eliminates extra, sagging skin while also tightening the breast tissue that already exists. At the EsteStandard Istanbul facility, a breast uplift can be carried out on its own or along with breast augmentation or breast reduction. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts lose their form and firmness and start to sag. Following childbirth or breastfeeding, many women notice that the size, shape, and feel of their breasts have changed. 


The impact of time, gravity, and changes in weight can have an adverse effect on breasts. Even without pregnancies ladies can have these kinds of changes on their breasts. Such factors can lead to droopy and sagging breasts. Give us a call or send a message over WhatsApp, if you have any questions regarding Breast Lift or Mastopexy. If you’re interested, book an appointment.

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Breast Lift Candidates

Patients who have experienced a change in the form and volume of their breasts are ideal candidates for breast uplifts. Any of the following factors makes a candidate a perfect fit:


-Asymmetric breasts

-Loss in breast volume and symmetry

-Elastic breast skin

-Increased breast dark skin (areolas)


Even though generally women in their 30s to 50s tend to undergo this operation, all patients can have a breast uplift. If you are interested in this procedure, send us a message or call us to learn more about the benefits of a Breast Lift operation and how it will change your life!

Breast Lift Benefits

A breast lift operation will significantly improve a patient’s appearance with rejuvenating effects. It will greatly improve your overall appearance and your self-esteem!


A breast lift has a number of notable psychological and physical benefits. 

These contain:

  • Better fit and more comfort in bras and swimsuits
  • Restoring firmness of breast, correcting perkier breasts
  • Aesthetically better breast
  • Better feminine proportions


A breast lift surgery will dramatically increase a patient’s appearance with rejuvenating effects.

Breast Lift Procedure

Through many years of expertise, our team has developed remarkable attention to detail that helps provide beautiful results for the patients. Depending on the anatomy of the patient, different techniques can be used to remove excess breast skin and reshape breast tissue. The technique the doctor chooses to use will determine the location of the incisions. Typically incisions are made in three types: around the areola, from the areola to downwards (to the breast creases), and horizontally along the breast creases.

The surgical team will prepare and mark the treatment areas before the patient shows up for their breast uplift. In order to reduce any pain, general anesthesia will be given. Incisions will be made delicately to the chosen areas. To achieve the best results, the tissue will be reshaped and molded. Then, excess skin and tissue will be cut off and sewn back together with the sutures. To reshape the breast tissue and, if necessary, to reduce the dark skin of the breast (the areolae), the doctor may use stitches. Also, the doctor might use sutures and surgical tape to aid the skin in conforming to the revised chest outlines


Recovery After Breast Lift

Following the surgery, bandages and a sizable compression garment will be worn over the breasts and incisions. After the procedure, this compression garment—which also serves as a support bra—must be worn for a few days before being replaced by a soft support bra for three to four weeks. After eight weeks, patients are generally allowed to put on underwire bras. As the swelling goes down, the initial compression bandage and support bras will support the breasts to adapt to their new positions.


For a few days, bruising, tenderness, and swelling will be common, but after a week, they should be barely noticeable. For any discomfort, the doctor will prescribe a painkiller; however, most patients find that Tylenol works just as well after a few days. To enable the natural drainage of blood and fluid, very small and thin tubes may be temporarily inserted into incisions. The tubes will have receptacles attached to them. You will be shown how to drain any fluid that may accumulate by the medical team.  There will be specific guidelines given, which will include: 


Guidelines for caring for your breasts after the procedure

  • How to use topical medications properly
  • when oral medications (like pain relievers or antibiotics) will be needed
  • When to have follow-up appointments

Patients must refrain from bending, lifting, and straining. In order to alleviate pressure on their breasts, they must also sleep on their back or side. After the procedure, sexual activity must be avoided for at least one to two weeks. The  Doctor will evaluate the patient’s condition, take out drainage tubes and sutures, and change bandages at follow-up sessions. Not all sutures require removal because some are dissolvable.

Over time, incision lines will significantly diminish. After the first week of recovery, patients usually start working again and getting back to their normal routines around this time. For the first few weeks after surgery, walking will be your only exercise, don’t push yourself.sufficient as your only form of exercise. The doctor will keep a close eye on the patient’s recovery process and advise them when to resume their normal routines like exercising and hair washing.


Results are immediately noticeable and become clearer as swelling decreases. In the upcoming months,  the breasts shape will continue to adjust and settle. Over time the cut lines will disappear and you will have natural and beautiful breasts. The best way to maintain a patient’s new appearance is to keep their weight under control and have a healthy lifestyle. The best outcomes can be obtained by adhering to your aftercare guidelines.

Planning Your Breast Lift Operation

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